Omron BF511 – Báscula de composición corporal, color azul



Why choose a body composition monitor? Knowing our weight is one thing, but there are other health factors that can indicate, more accurately, how healthy we are on the inside? Omron?s range of body composition monitors can give you accurate and painless body weight and fat measurements. More than just a scale, a body composition monitor can help to keep you motivated as you track your diet or fitness progress or simply as you make basic changes to your lifestyle in order to eat right and exercise more. The Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor is designed to be used by the whole family. It is suitable for everyday use starting from the age of six (with the exception of the visceral fat and skeletal muscle classification which start from 18 years) and is a stylish addition to any bathroom available in two colours: turquoise or dark blue. Using its sensor technology, the BF511 Body Composition Monitor gives you a painless and accurate total body reading – body weight (in kilograms), body fat percentage, visceral fat, resting metabolism and skeletal muscle percentage – to help you understand how efficiently your body is working and to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Both simple to use and offering accurate results, the BF511 is the ideal fitness tool to use any time in the comfort of your own home. Identifying normal body fat levels depending based on age and sex.


  • Certificado como producto médico para el bienestar por TÜV, validado clínicamente
  • El método de impedancia bioeléctrica (BI) permite mostrar el porcentaje de grasa corporal con respecto al peso total
  • Mide los niveles de grasa visceral (interna) en cuestión de segundos y le permite tomar medidas para controlarlos
  • El índice de masa corporal indica la relación entre el peso y la altura de una persona
  • Memoria, pueden usarlo hasta 4 personas, incluye modo invitado, medición con 8 sensores tanto en las manos como en los pies para una medición corporal completa
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