Barbie – Autocaravana superdivertida (Mattel CJT42)

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(Precio actualizado el 27/05/2018)


When road-ready, it’s a glam vehicle with signature style and 2 seats upfront (with seatbelts, of course) – but lift the handle and it pops up to transform the camper into a 3-story play set with all kinds of possibilities for an amazing outdoor camping adventure;Plus, the transformation doesn’t stop there with even more play spaces for even more storytelling possibilities;Convert the front cab into a bathroom – remove the chairs to reveal a toilet underneath and flip the steering wheel to turn it into a sink;Transform the back of the cab by flipping over the spare tire cover to reveal a fire pit and opening the back door to reveal a kitchen complete with fridge, sink, oven and stove that lets kids’ imaginations really get cooking;The center room has a double bed with hammock hanging above, perfect for a quick nap after a fun camping adventure


  • Completa autoacaravana de Barbie
  • Cuenta con la parte delantera para conducir pero que se transforma en una “casa sobre ruedas”
  • Incluye un tobogán para tirarse en la piscina

Barbie – Autocaravana superdivertida (Mattel CJT42)

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