Buki France – MS907B – Microscopio 30 experimentos



One 23-cm microscope with lenses, colour filters and 3 magnifications: x200 / x600 / x1200. The base and body of the microscope are metal. LED light for high-quality observations. A large number of accessories included: slides, tweezers, 4 vials, Petri dish, micro-slicer, labels, needle and 4 sample slides included. Instructions with 30 experiments for learning to prepare slides, collect samples, adjust the microscope and the light. Suitable from age 8 years plus

Detalles del producto

  • Objetivos, filtros de color y 3X: x200 / x600 / x1200
  • El pies y el cuerpo son el microscopio de meta
  • Pinza, portaobjetos, frascos, lupa y portaobjetos de muestras
  • Folleto con 30 experimentos para aprender a preparar diapositivas, muestra, ajustar el microscopio y sus iluminaciones