Dora – Tablet para niños Los Tres Cerditos (versión en inglés)


Read through a Dora story with the VTech Storio Dora and the Three Little Pigs animated ebook. Designed for use with the VTech Storio Animated Reading System, children can increase their confidence as well as develop reading and language skills. Read along with the story and watch the animated screen as the narrative is read out loud word by word. If a child comes across a difficult word, simply click on it to access the story dictionary and learn more about it. Alternatively, children can also play a number of reading games, interact with the story, and learn about phonics, letters, vowels, and more.


  • Únete a Dora y Boots amigo en sus aventuras
  • Lea la historia o ver como se le lea a usted
  • Busquen palabras difíciles de la historia en el diccionario útil
  • Enseña a la comprensión de lectura, español, y más
  • Compatible con la Interactivo E-Reading System Storio sólo
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