Sylvanian Families – Muñeca (EPOCH 4531)



Beechwood Hall is a wonderful home with working lights that are interchangeable and each can be turned on and off It has 2 floors and opens up to give access to all 5 rooms There s a landing that can be added to the first floor and a large play area for the ground floor which can be turned over to create a green garden area Requires 2 x AA batteries not included Figures furniture not included


  • Con 2 luces de trabajo y se abre para revelar 5 habitaciones
  • Nuez de la ardilla de la familia viven en esta casa
  • Apropiado para niños de 3 años en adelante
  • Se puede conectar con Cosy Cottage Starter Home y muchos otros edificios de Sylvania
  • Las Figuras no son incluidos
Sylvanian Families – Muñeca (EPOCH 4531)
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